Science, Math, and Engineering Career Resources

For many of today’s top professionals, graduate degrees are rapidly becoming the new BA. In many industries, a higher degree will not only land you your dream job, but it may also command you a much higher salary over the long term. Even in less lucrative industries, graduate school offers an unprecedented opportunity: the chance to specialize and delve deeply into the subjects about which you are most passionate. However, it is also among the most intense and overwhelming experiences many professionals will encounter, from the application process down to the post-degree job search.

To help you navigate through what may feel like a convoluted experience, we’ve put together this definitive guide to graduate school. With these resources, you will gain a clear sense of what graduate schools expect out of you, and what you should in turn expect out of your graduate school experience. Unlike other collections of resources, we have specifically chosen to source the bulk of our resources from expert sources inside academia. So grab yourself a cup of something hot to drink, settle into your favorite reading nook, and dig in.